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Women entrepreneurship empowerment is the key to building Africa as continent and building economies of its members across the continent.
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This Training will allow entrepreneurs to work online on their own pace.

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General faq
  • Training
    1. How many days am I supposed to be engaged?

       Six days per week, Monday to Saturday at you own pace so long as you submit and learn and gain practical business skills.

    1.  Are all the assignments and practical tasks mandatory?

    Yes. You must complete all the tasks and assignments that is available on the eLearning Monday to Saturday.

    1.   Is topics covered in the Entrepreneurs Enterprise Roadmap important to my business?

    All the modules covered in the EER are most important because their designed to help you understand how things works, understand your thinking abilities, how innovative you can be and gives you practical business skills that you can trade with doesn’t matter what you put your mind to do, you will do it well.

     4- How is the training scheduled?

    Each week you will be given tasks to complete.

    Each month has its how module and topics

    Each day has its tasks and assignments to complete.

  • Funding
    1. What qualifies my business for funding?

    Only those that complete the 12 months training programme will be funded 100%. Depending on the needs of each start-up, funding will vary from ($ 500 – $ 5000.00). only those that went through the programme will be funded. Terms & conditions apply

    Is not a loan, is a no-n refundable seed investment to kick start your business?

    If you stop half way there will be no funding for your business, and claims of any sort will not be entertained or listened to, is prohibited.

    1. If get to be funded how will I receive the funds?

    By the time you are done with training you would have opened a business account with our preferred banking institution. For some businesses will need the actual cash to start for some we will facilitate all transactions and pay directly to the supplies. We will monitor closely how the funds are used and make sure all businesses are set up.

  • Mentorship
    1.  EA mentors

    Our Mentors are Experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have defiled all odds and have succeeded in their ventures, with vast knowledge and excellence in their fields, who want to be part the entrepreneurship wave that is changing the landscape of how entrepreneurship is perceived in Africa and want together, wants to help young aspiring African entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.

    1. When do I get a mentor?

    A Mentor will be assigned to an entrepreneur from the start of the programme.

  • Programme Selection Process
    1. Criteria’s by which applicants are to be considered?

    All applications will be considered based on our 8 main measures, which are:

    Feasibility: feasibility of the business idea.

    Application Handling: demonstrate order and neatness.

    Realistic Approach: demonstrate realistic

    Innovation: the innovation factor

    Market Opportunity: knowledge and understanding of the market, customers and competitors for their idea or product and services.

    Leadership Potential and Entrepreneurial Skills: Demonstrate leadership abilities, capable of enticing people and resources.

    Financial Understanding: understanding basic financial requirements of running and managing a business, costing and revenues.

    Scalability: Demonstrates potential for replication of the business and growth for product or service to create employment opportunities – jobs.

    1. If my idea or my start-up is selected to join the programme, when and how will I be informed?

    All successful aspiring entrepreneurs will be notified via telephone and via email which an entrepreneur has provided during the application process. Within 10 days after the closing date of applications.

    1. Do you keep a waiting list?

    Yes, we do keep a waiting list.  If any of the selected 1000 do not claim their spots by the set deadline then we select or pick   the next entrepreneur from our waiting list to join the programme.

    1. if I didn’t make it, can I re-apply again for the next intake

    Yes, you can reapply, starting all over again.

  • Programme Application Process

    1.How do I apply for the programme?

    We have a preliminary round which entrepreneurs only uses their own A4 page and write on or type the details requested: full names, contact details, residential and postal address, town, city, educational background and sector of business which they want to be in.

    They then email it or submit it at local authority offices which is in collaboration/partnership with Entrepreneur Africa.

    An Application form is then given to the screened and accepted entrepreneurs on the programme after the preliminary round. After the screening process, you now receive an invitation to the Entrepreneurs Networking session with the matron, invited guest and president of EA. You must complete an application form by answering a series of compulsory questions.

    After submission of your application before the EN, your will now be official part of the programme.

    1. What if my company is a partnership/cc?

    Each one of the members must join Individually and proof of partnership must be provided.

    1. What language is used?

    The English is used is medium of communication to all.,

    1. What information do I need to provide in my application?

    You must complete the application form in full. Provide us with true and correct information.

    8. How many applicants will be chosen to join the programme?

    For Women, we take 2 000 applications that are reviewed and selected by the Selection Committee for a placement in the programme.

    8- Are there application/associated fees?

    Yes. There’s an application fee of N$ 200.00 if there be other fees, we will communicate to all selected applicants.

  • Programme Eligibility
    1.  Who can apply?

    The programme is open to all women aspiring entrepreneurs across the 17 selected African nations. We cater for the following: Idea stage, pre –start-up stage and Start-up stage.

    2.  Is there any age restriction for applicants?

    Yes there is, Applicants must be 25 – 40 years old.

    3.  Is there a restriction on the types of business to start?

    Yes, businesses must not affect the environment but must adhere to keep the environment safe, must not endanger lives. All business ideas must be for profit, and must be the work of the applicant.

    4.  Is there a restriction on the age of my business?

    Yes. Must be (stages): 1.  Idea Stage (0 years) 2. Pre – Start-Up Stage (6 months – 1 year) 3. Start-Up Stage (0-2 years)

    5.  What if I run multiple start-ups?

    With us we are with one mind; specialization. We advise that you choose the best, most feasible, realistic and innovative business idea. 

    6.  Am I allowed to apply again for another business idea?

    Selected entrepreneurs that went through the programme are not permitted to apply for future intakes of the programme.

    7.  What if I have a relation/family member who works for EA?

    Employees relatives are not eligible to apply for the Programme.

  • What is the EA WEXA Programme?

    We believe that entrepreneurship is the catalyst / key foundation for the social and economic development of any nation on the African continent.  The commitment of Entrepreneur Africa in 17 selected Africa countries is to identify, to mentor, to coach, to train (skills development) and fund about 14,000 – 28 000 aspiring women entrepreneurs who are capable of helping themselves, who are go getters, able to change and solve their social economic problems and do intra-trading on the continent.

    The program runs for 12 months for Idea stage entrepreneurs and 8-month start-up that started without any knowledge on how things works but took a leap of faith.

  • Why does funding not come first?

    The mind is the most important thing that God has ever given a human being, everything happens first in the mind before any responding to anything. We don’t need entitlement minds and aid mentality among our entrepreneurs. It is important for entrepreneurs to build a definite footing for their businesses through training and understanding how things works. That way, when we do fund them, they will use the funds for what is intended for and they will be able to use what they have learned to innovatively grow their businesses.

  • Latest news
    • I am so grateful for my time at WEXA. It’s remarkable that a program like this even exists and helps entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.
      Ntinda Hilya
    • “Our tutors all came from other diverse entrepreneurs backgrounds (some have training in business, and others just instinct) but yet, the curriculum is so accessible, and the instructors make sure…
      Tokolo kashupi
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    Women entrepreneurship empowerment is the key to building Africa as continent and building economies of its members across the continent.
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